What is Thermal Insulation?

Thermal insulation is the work done in order to minimize the heat transfers between the environments. Thanks to the insulation, you can prevent the environment from cooling in winter and heating in summer. After successful building insulation, it is possible to maintain the temperature.

Under normal conditions, heat exchange occurs between substances at different temperatures. The logic of isolation is to minimize thermal conductivity between objects. Therefore, thermal insulation is based on limiting heat exchange. Materials with as high heat resistance as possible are used to provide insulation. Thus, thermal barriers are created.

With the winter months, thermal insulation becomes more important than ever. The polyurethane construction and insulation products offered by Fly Kimya meet many needs at the same time with their lightness, durability and non-flammability performances. Polyurethanes, which are used more and more in roof and facade panels, provide high performance thermal insulation in many different areas from shopping malls to factories and cold storages. The panels, which are easy to install and assemble, reduce the heating and cooling costs of the enterprises.

While polyurethane roof and facade panels for the building sector reduce heating and cooling costs with their strong thermal insulation performance; it meets many criteria such as durability, lightness and non-flammability at the same time.

What is Thermal Insulation?
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