What is FLY KIMYA waterproofing systems?

FLY KIMYA waterproofing systems is a seamless solution system that allows high performance waterproofing and floor covering, applied with specially developed high pressure spray machine and equipments. Compared to conventional systems, this system's rapid application (750 m to 1000 m per day) and fast curing (touch time 20 seconds, usage time 16 minutes) are decisive.

FLY KİMYA POLYUREA has many chemical and physical properties besides its waterproof feature. While POLYUREA can be ready for use immediately after application, it also saves time and money.

  • Full Waterproofing
  • Jointless Waterproofing
  • Quick Drying
  • Easy to Apply to All Kinds of Areas

What is FLY KIMYA waterproofing systems?
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